A few months ago, I found myself looking back to my career so far and to what I wanted to do next. Although I was and I am happy with my career and progress so far, it was also clear that I reached a stagnation point, where no real boost was in sight and, at the same time, boredom was becoming part of my day to day life: I was unchallenged and I wanted to do more.

So far, I only had partial exposure to some key components of management at higher levels and that’s something closing the doors for me to get higher positions; what to do?

My answer was reasonably clear and easy: I need to quickly gain those skills. How? Through an MBA.

After reviewing the various options for MBA, the costs and benefits, and after discussing this commitment with my family, I took the final decision and enrolled in the MBA from the University of Bradford.

Today, 27 Sep. 2018, I received my student card and on 8 October my studies will begin.

Student Card

It will be a journey of growth and challenges and it will last for the next two years. During this time, I’ll try to keep some notes of my experience as I want to keep a track of this new adventure in some sort of diary.

Ref: University of Bradford, School of Management: https://www.bradford.ac.uk/management/