One module through my MBA and I had to quickly learn a lesson: sometimes, good enough is fine!

If you want to successfully manage to go through your MBA, keep your work, and still have a family, you will have to learn the same motto. I can promise you this will be challenging, especially if you come from a technical background and you tend to aim to “excellence”.
There, exactly in “excellence” there’s the whole point: you will need to redefine what excellence is depending on the situation. In other words: flexibility will be key.

In my working career I have been always pushing to get excellent output, excellent results, excellent everything… Guess what: you will not have the luxury to do this while working, having a family, and studying for an MBA.
Prioritization will become more and more important and excellence will have to change, turning into good enough.

Don’t think too bad about this and don’t feel bad about it. This does not mean that you are lowering your standards, you are just doing what’s needed to move on. In other words: you just need to realise that, sometimes, you can’t cope with everything. In other words, you need to take the right decision to make things happen, even if they are just “good enough”.