This time we are talking about marketing and, specifically, about discovering marketing (and branding and strategy).

Why discovering? Well, although I did get some exposure to some parts of marketing in the past, the course I started in January, as part of my MBA, really opened my eyes.

Up to a few months ago, my idea of marketing was quite limited and mainly focused around the idea of advertisements. I was wrong… very, very wrong.

My current course focuses on Digital Marketing, Branding and Strategy and it’s heavily based on a fantastic book from Dr. Dave Chaffey: Digital Marketing. Strategy, implementation and practice.
Certainly, the course, the book, and a number of articles red during these months opened my eyes. Marketing is not just advertisement, as many think.
It is a complex discipline, covering a broad range of skills and frameworks that you need to learn and apply if you want to be successful.

The top three frameworks and tools that I acquired are listed below:

  • Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas.
  • RACE (Reach, Act (interact), Convert, Engage)
  • SOSTAC (Strategy, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions, Control)

There are many, many other things in there from pretty well-know things like a customer persona to a brand map. There simply is not enough space to talk about all of them here, but have a look around. You can find plenty of resources out there that can help driving your business and marketing strategy toward success.

A very good tool to monitor different resources on this topic (and other) is an rss reader and consolidator. I’m personally using as it has an easy to use interface and nice apps for mobiles and tablets.

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