Here we are, about a month into the MBA; how is it? Challenging!

It’s not the required effort or the complexity of the material, those were expected. The courses are at master level courses. Anyone interested in this kind of education should expect to spend the same amount of time and energy as they did with their hardest BSc’ course or higher. The real challenge, though, is balancing work, study, and family life.

In my case the biggest challenge is coming from work. Being Q4, this is the most active and demanding quarter of the whole year. I have to fight against low energy levels, especially toward the end of the week, due to the efforts required to manage my business in the last part of the year.

Let me be clear: it’s not something impossible to do, but if you want to go through a course like this you do need to be very committed and plan everything. On this note, this is a kind of commitment where the old motto “failing to plan is planning to fail” is particularly true. You need to be very careful, though: do not expect to have a detailed and fixed plan and be able to follow it closely! Flexibility and adaptability of your plan, based on what the other parts of your life are trowing to you, will be key to success. You need flexible and adaptable, and be ready to penalise your personal life toward study.

It’s now time to go back to study… see you soon!